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In the realm of fiber-reinforced polymers (plastics), epoxy is used as the resin matrix to efficiently hold the fiber is place. It is compatible with all common reinforcing fibers including fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid, and basalt. This is also known as the most structural resin. Common products and manufacturing methods for fiber-reinforced epoxy include:
•    Filament Winding 
•    Pressure vessels
•    Pipes
•    Rocket housings
•    Recreational equipment

Points to note:
•    Very sensitive to proper mix ratio of resin to hardener.
•    Absorbs moisture
•    Mix ratio is more accurate by weight them by volume. In very small scale usage a scale is recommended for measurements. Ratios include 100:44 down to 100:5 
•    Will bond to polyester part.
•    May have health issues.


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