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  • What is the difference between fiberglass counter tops and granite counter tops?
    FTIP counter tops are made from fiberglass that incorporates a granite effect finish
  • Does FTIP counter top scratch easily?
    With the right amount of presure, anything can be scratched. However our countertops can esaiy be polished and scratches removed.
  • Can FTIP counter tops burn ?
    Fiberglass is naturally fire retardant. It cannot be easily burnt since it will only combust at 1500 degrees.
  • What can be used to clean FTIP counter tops?
    You can use simple cleaning detergents such as soap and water, fabuloso and other gentle detergents. Do not use harsh cleaning substances such as bleach.
  • Can FTIP outdoor items withstand harsh weather conditions?
    FTIP products can withstand almost any weather conditions. FTIP products especially protected from sunlight with a UV coat.
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