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Over the years Fibre-Tech has aimed all its efforts to bring you quality kitchen pieces that are durable and long-lasting. That’s why we are the leading manufacturers of fiberglass products in Guyana.  

For homeowners, we have kitchen selections that are right for you. Choose from our standard, economy, deluxe or luxury layouts that are guaranteed to fit your requirement. 

















•    Includes Stainless steel sink with poly-fiber sealed technology, knobs, handles, internal hinges, drawer tracks, and crown molding.
•    Over 100 colors to choose from in solid or granite effects.
•    Seamless countertops with five (5) types of bullnose profiles.
•    Door selection-Solid, French, glass, or plain.
Customize your kitchen with:
•    High-rise countertop 
•    Stools
•    Molding selection  
•    Range hoods
•    Microwave accommodation
•    Plate and wine racks

Standard Kitchen

This is your basic two-piece kitchen. Perfect for apartments or start-up families

  • Size: 5’ – 7’ top and bottom cupboards 

Economy Kitchen

Spacesaver that gives you just the space you need.

  • Size: 6’ X 8’ top and bottom cupboards

  • 3’ X 2’ Island or 4’ cupboard.

Deluxe Kitchen

For the persons who love to cook and entertain guests at the same time. 

  • Size: 10’ X 10’ top and bottom cupboards

  • 8’ X 3’ pantry

  • 4’ X 2’ Island

Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen is your favorite place. Spoil yourself.

  • Size: above 12’ cupboards

  • Island   

  • Pantry

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